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Our mission is to disrupt the EdTech industry by developing best-in-class software, becoming the market leader, while providing an awesome place to work.

From educators…

for educators.

Both Niel and Calen, Edusuite’s co-founders, have seen the immediate need for a robust School Management System and ERP to handle the enormous amount of administrative work involved in managing K12 and Higher Education schools. And for most schools, manual planning is still a common practice.

Edusuite was born with the realization that through Smart Algorithms and AI, our system will be able to cut months of planning, coordination, and work while minimizing the risk of human error. All of this is in the spirit of developing a well-thought-out system to all schools, at a fraction of the cost. 

Niel Dagondon

Niel Dagondon


Niel Dagondon founded Anino Games, the first Game Development Studio in the Philippines, in 2001, until its acquisition in 2014 by PlayLab. He also co-founded and is currently a Director of CIIT Philippines, a Digital Arts and Technology college in Quezon City, Philippines. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a major in Computer Engineering at De La Salle University and his Masters in Entrepreneurship in Ateneo Professional Schools. He has recently been featured in a book “The Finishers” by Ezra Ferrer.

Calen Legaspi

Calen Legaspi


Calen is the CEO and co-founder of O&B. He has been on the board of directors of the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) since 2008, a member of the Technical Committee for Computer Science of the Commission on Higher Education, and continues to teach and write on Software Engineering practices. From the very beginning, he envisioned a firm that learned and applied the best practices in the software industry, and shared these practices with others.

Our Team

​Edusuite's Development Team is composed of industry veterans that are Oracle and Microsoft certified experts in various technologies. They are backed by Orange and Bronze, an industry-leading Java development firm.

Team members include experts in agile engineering, design patterns, and project management, and conduct similar training to other local firms.

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