Edusuite K12 

Edusuite K12 is designed to make the management of your Pre-school, Grade School, Junior High School, and/or Senior High School easier.


This cloud-based system makes the management of Student Grades, Finances, and Enrollment more convenient for School Administrators, Faculty, and Parents alike.

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Feature Highlights

Step-by-step enrollment wizard for parents

Feature Highlights

Step-by-step enrollment wizard for parents

Edusuite K12 Modules

1. School Branding in Edusuite

  • Layout of Report Card

  • Layout of Assessment

  • Layout of Official Receipt

  • Layout of Statement of Accounts

2. Customizable Landing Page and Announcements

3. Student Registration

4. Administrator Dashboard

5. Online Enrollment Wizard

6. Finance 

  • Finance Setup 

  • Payment Recording

  • General Ledger

  • Bank Reconciliation

7. Curriculum Management

  • Per Year Level

  • Per Track

8. Scheduler and Sectioning

9. School Year Setup

  • Rooms

  • Room Types

  • Schedule Types

10. Parent/Guardian Portal

  • View Grades of the Student/s

  • View Tuition Payment of the Student/s

  • View School Announcements

  • Edit Personal Information

  • Make Online Payments via Payment Gateway

11. Teacher Portal

  • Grading Sheets for Classes

  • View schedule for the School Year

  • Create, Update, and View Issues of Students

  • Assign Requirements to Students for Clearance

  • Adding Notes to Student Grades to Track each of the Student’s Progress

12. Academic and Non-Academic Grading Setup

  • Grading Components

  • Grading Templates

  • Transmutation Tables

13. Users Setup & Student Information Manager

14. Clearance Manager

15. Edusuite Reports

  • Finance Reports

    • Summary of Collectibles

    • Daily Sales Report

    • Statement of Accounts

  • Student Reports

    • Student custom list generator with filters and fields

    • Term/Quarter Grades Summary

    • Master Grading Sheet 

  • Faculty Reports

  • Faculty Loading Report

16. Security

  • Roles and Privileges

  • Audit Trail

17. Edusuite Settings

  • School Profile

  • Notification Templates

  • Track Management

18. Integrations

  • Dragonpay integration for OTC and E-Wallet Payments

  • Credit Card Integrations

  • Custom Integration with Canvas LMS

19. Other features

  • Automated Daily Back-Ups

  • Import Data Wizard for New Schools

  • User Manual for End Users

  • Free Help Desk Access for End Users

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