Edusuite Uni

Edusuite Uni was designed and developed to handle the enormous administrative work of Colleges, Universities, Technical-Vocational, and Post Graduate Schools. By using computer intelligence to enable smart decision making, the Uni system resolves the pain points often experienced by school registrars, administrators, finance, faculty, and student services.


Smart Student Advising

Help students identify which courses to take to graduate at the soonest possible time through the Student Advising module.


Make it your own.

The entire system is customizable to your preferences — from what student information is collected, user group access, and even how the report card, statement of accounts, and enrollment forms are formatted. 

Want a feature that is not in the system? We can also develop it for you.

There’s more to explore! For a full glimpse of all available features, see below.

School branding in Edusuite

  • Custom Landing Page with Quick Links
  • Layout Transcript of Records
  • Layout Statement of Account
  • Layout of Assessment
  • Layout of Official Receipt


  • Analytics Dashboards
  • School Announcements
  • Notification Manager
  • Quick links Manager

School Term Planning Module

  • Custom Grading Schemes
  • Curriculum Management with Program Revisions
  • Course Equivalencies
  • Facilities and Room Management with Slots per Room
  • Flowchart Simulator
  • Block and Section planning
  • Predictive Forecast of Class Demand

Class Scheduling module

  • Filtering by Teacher, Block, College or Department
  • Automated Teacher Loading Module
  • Automated Scheduling Feature
  • Merging of Classes

Online Enrollment module

  • Student Registration and Reservations
  • Online Enlistment with Smart Advising and Slot Expirations
  • Enlistment Verification and Enrollment

Student Information System

  • Dynamic Information Fields for Students and Faculty and Non-Teaching Staff
  • Custom access of fields per user group
  • Clearance System
  • Exam Permit System
  • Issue tracking for Clinic, Guidance, Discipline and Student Services

Data privacy and security

  • User privacy agreement and terms of use
  • Custom access and rights per user group
  • Student issues and information have custom access
  • Authentication for all back end connections
  • Code and data encryption
  • Encrypted communication to the server using SSL
  • Non-erasable audit trails


  • Tuition plan rules-based system with dynamic assessments
  • Multiple payment schemes
  • Discounts, Scholarships, and Penalties
  • Other non-tuition related fees
  • OR printing
  • Payment ledgers
  • Statement of Account generation and notifications
  • Bank reconciliation


  • Enrollment/Enlistment report
  • Student custom list generator with filters and fields
  • Faculty loading report
  • Daily and term sales and financial reports
  • CHED reports

User management and portals

  • Super Admin user rights management
  • Administrator portal for each role type
  • Student manager by status
  • Faculty manager including grade completion

Student Portal (enrollment, classes, notifications, and clearances)

  • View Grades and TOR
  • See finance balances and payment history
  • See the previous, current, and future schedule of classes enrolled
  • Online Enlistment with link to school’s online payment portal
  • Issue Tracker
  • View Clearances and other requirements

Faculty Portal

  • Faculty schedule manager with intent to teach
  • Faculty ratings
  • Faculty subject preference
  • Real time class list and grading
  • Issue Tracker
  • Monitor Student Exam Permits


  • Dragonpay integration for OTC and E-Wallet Payments
  • Credit Card Integrations
  • Custom Integration with Canvas LMS

Other features

  • Automated Daily Back-Ups
  • Import Data Wizard for New Schools
  • User Manual for End Users
  • Free Help Desk Access for End Users

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