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The Sales and Business Development Officer should have a clear understanding of the components of the Edusuite products and assumes the role of demonstrating how Edusuite works. 

Being part of our team means access to unlimited vacation leaves, hybrid work arrangement (with occasional meetings held in our main office in Alabang), flexible working schedule, extracurricular and gaming activities, health and wellness, training and continuing education, and other exciting opportunities!


  • 2+ years of experience as a Sales or Business Development Officer

  • Knowledge of sales promotion techniques

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Excellent communication skills both oral and written

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • You should be hitting your quotas during that time

  • Recommendations from your past Supervisors

  • Recommendations from your past team members

Job Responsibilities

  • Keep customers informed about new technological products.

  • Prepare and organize proposals and reports related to product requests.

  • Ensuring that sales targets are consistently met

  • Everything else that comes along with it:

    • Market research, branding, and strategy

    • Attending and Organizing events and making presentations

    • Prospecting, Networking, and Sourcing Leads

    • Building customer relationships and negotiations

    • Documentation and a bit of legal work

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