System Administrator

Edusuite is looking for a System Administrator to setup and maintain the IT infrastructure of Edusuite. Edusuite is a young DOST funded start-up in the Educational technology space creating smart solutions and helping schools modernize their systems.


The work involves setting up, configuring and maintaining the IT infrastructure of Edusuite including server monitoring, deployments and troubleshooting. Candidates must be willing to be assigned to Alabang.

Job Responsibilities

  • Installs and configures software, hardware and network

  • Manages the overall IT infrastructure

  • Handle and manage Edusuite application deployments

  • Monitors the security and efficiency of various systems

  • Analyzes and identifies potential issues with the system

  • Designs efficient ways to manage related workflows of Edusuite

  • Develops programs such as dashboards and monitoring tools

  • Troubleshoots problems


  • Strong understanding of related hardware and software including their configurations

  • Strong understanding of the Linux Operating System and Computer Networking

  • Knowledge of a programming language to be used to create dashboards and tools (Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python or other languages)

  • Able to construct SQL queries and manage a database

  • Knowledge of the following is a plus:

    • Kubernetes

    • Google Cloud Platform

    • Amazon Web Services

  • At least 2 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.