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Before a product can be built, it needs to be defined. This is the valuable role that Business Analyst plays. The BA engages stakeholders in defining and prioritizing different opportunities, risks and rewards and then works with engineers to develop appropriate solutions. The BA also tests the product if it is working as intended and designed.  

Being part of our team means access to unlimited vacation leaves, working from home or a hybrid work arrangement, flexible working schedule, extracurricular and gaming activities, health and wellness, training and continuing education, and other exciting opportunities!


  • 2 years experience in Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Project Management, or similar roles in an IT/Software industry.

  • Proven ability to write detailed program specifications

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Articulate and can convey ideas clearly

  • Detail-oriented, organized and demonstrated good problem solving and decision making skills.

  • Bonus points for:

    • Experience in leading projects and teams.

    • A graduate of an IT program - CS, IT, IS, MIS, etc

    • Knowledge in Database & system administration.

    • Experience in Quality Assurance​

Job Responsibilities

  • Speak to business owners to understand the vision, and identify the opportunities to be prioritized and pursued.

  • Collaborate with engineers to define features, create specifications, documentation and solutions

  • Demonstrate the product to clients

  • Test software to check if it meets agreed specifications

  • Manage the deployment of the product to clients, including system configuration, training of users, handling of issues, data migration, & data entry.

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