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The Java Developer assumes the role of a programmer, which involves designing and implementing Edusuite. 

Being part of our team means access to unlimited vacation leaves, working from home or a hybrid work arrangement, flexible working schedule, extracurricular and gaming activities, health and wellness, training and continuing education, and other exciting opportunities!


  • Experience in Java (Fresh graduates of computer-related courses are welcome to apply)

  • Java-related certifications are a plus

  • Leadership experience in operations and development are a plus

  • Knowledgeable in SQL

  • Experience in Unit Testing is a plus

  • Experience in Spring and Hibernate frameworks is a plus

  • Experience in Machine Learning is a plus

Job Responsibilities

  • Implements software solutions to better achieve the business value agreed on by the client.

  • Implements best practices in software development such as testing, self documenting code and other practices necessary for delivering sustainable and working software.

  • Be able to design software to ensure that the most suitable solutions are built

  • Installs and configures software to suit the product’s requirements.

  • Initiates open discussion with the team and stakeholders to get a better understanding of the product’s needs.

  • Must be able to assess how to implement better software practices as the need arises.

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