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5 Edusuite Features Your School Needs… Yesterday!

Managing a school and all its activities is no piece of cake. Different teams and departments are involved, and a lot of moving cogs need to be considered for every decision that needs to be made – big or small. And if not done right, coordinating these variables can lead to catastrophic operational roadblocks that can hamper the school’s potential.

Edusuite was conceptualized with these challenges in mind. In fact, this is where Edusuite thrives the best. And if every hardworking individual in your school organization constantly feels overwhelmed during critical academic periods, then perhaps, it’s high time that we bring our smart solutions to the table. Here are 5 Edusuite Features your school needs… yesterday!

Predictive Forecast of Class Demand

When you have thousands of students enrolled in your school, planning for an academic term imposes a lot of planning – and probably a series of headaches and sleepless nights. With Edusuite in place, the system will do the work for the school. Our Class Demand feature can plan for the number of classes the school will be opening for the next term. Edusuite provides a forecasting feature that will suggest which and how many classes are needed for the next term. You can also re-advise students to different classes if you decide not to open a certain class. This way, the school can also eliminate a lot of manual planning and the risky business of guesswork.

Automated Scheduling

Speaking of the dangers of manual planning, schools are also all too familiar with manually creating class schedules for the academic year. This becomes particularly tricky when you have to consider the faculty your school has in its repository and their varying availabilities. Thankfully, Edusuite’s smart solution can also offload this task from our school registrars and administrators. Our Automated Scheduling module allows schools to generate a full and workable schedule for the upcoming semester with just a click of a button. Assigning faculty, facilities, and schedules have never been easier in Edusuite.

Intelligent Student Advising

We share the same goal as with any other school organization: the student’s academic life and success is the end in mind. As such, we want to provide the right tools that can guide them in planning their academic journey. Another unique feature in our technology heavily benefits your students' future. It's no secret that all students want to graduate as soon as possible. Edusuite has an auto-advising feature that will assist irregular students on what subjects to take by matching their curriculum, the available classes for the next term, and the number of maximum units allowed per student. This way, students have visibility of their remaining academic years and can foresee the course of action they need to take relative to their end game: to graduate early.

Grades Management Tailored to Your School’s Requirements

Managing grades and academic score sheets don't need to be a labyrinth of what goes where. If done correctly, the grading period can be less of a burden and more of an experience at ease. One of Edusuite's strengths is its ability to mirror your school’s Grading Setup. The academic scoresheet in our K12 system is similar to the traditional grading system for Basic Education. Whereas in the Uni System, schools can set up the different values of grades that faculty can use in their respective courses – whether numerical or letter grading. Our grading module incorporates an equal semblance of traditional practices and innovative solutions in the spirit of accuracy and efficiency.

Easy Offsite Payment Solutions

One of the noteworthy ways in which automation is upscaling the operations of schools is by facilitating the significant process of fee collection. Therefore, it's paramount that your school has a system where parents and students can pay their tuition and other fees offsite and online. Edusuite has partnered with Dragonpay in order to give students various ways to pay their tuition. For example, students and parents can pay through Gcash, through online banking such as BPI, or over-the-counter in banks and payment centers such as 7-11. By bringing payment online, time and effort are saved for both parties.

In just a few days, 2022 will reach its mighty conclusion and as is the case from its predecessor, 2023 comes with humbling wins but even bigger challenges for schools. It’s not too late to get ahead, a school management system for your academic organization is no longer optional – especially in today’s landscape where digital transformation is fast approaching. In the spirit of new beginnings, 2023 is the year to seek support from Edusuite – your school needs it. Trust us on this.

And if you need more convincing, how about seeing our system in action? To see is to believe, after all! Book a demo today and we'll navigate you through our School Management System for K-12 schools, Colleges, Universities, Post-Graduate, Vocational Courses, and other educational levels.

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