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Edusuite sets up shop in Alabang!

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Welcome to our first blog post. Here we will announce updates to our organization, our software as well as the latest in Edtech (Educational Technology) news.

March has been a very busy and exciting month for us!

New Office

Our company is growing so our co-working space in Makati no longer fit us. We just transferred to our new home in Alabang which has five times the space! By the way, our new phone number is (+632) 693-5969 ☺

It’s still bare but we are excited to transform it into something amazing.

More Schools are choosing Edusuite!

Three new schools signed up with Edusuite this March 2019! This means we are adding 4,300+ more students to our system subscribers, plus we will be launching Edusuite K12 and Edusuite Admissions with these new schools! Stay tuned as we officially announce our new school partners.

Join our team

We are growing fast and continuously hiring! Interns and full-time employees looking for a high growth company are welcome to apply. We are currently looking for developers, project and client managers and HR officers. Check out for the details. When you are ready to take an exam, email us at . We also offer referral fees from P10k - P40K depending on the seniority of the applicant hired.

Want a Demo?

Want to see the most advanced School Management System in action? Email me . If you haven’t yet, please subscribe to our Facebook page ( and we will regularly share news from the Edtech world.



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