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Edusuite Partners With Bukas, A Leading Education Financing Platform

In an economic landscape where access to education is often hindered by financial means, providing flexibility for our students remains paramount – a mission that both Edusuite and Bukas share. And it is with great excitement that we announce our partnership with one of the leading education financing platforms in the Philippines.

Bukas is an education financing company that provides affordable tuition plans for students. It does this by partnering with leading colleges and universities in and out of the country. With 35 partner schools, 72 campuses across the Philippines, 1 international partner, and rapidly growing, Bukas hopes to build a better tomorrow for the Filipino youth by making education affordable for all.

They offer solutions and services that tackle affordability challenges for Filipino students. And to date, Bukas’ have provided tuition loans to over 9,000 students in the Philippines.

“The partnership with Edusuite is a cross-promotional collaboration where we work together to make education more accessible by helping students improve their enrollment experience, and by financing more of these students to enter school,” said Riche Lim, Co-Founder and Country Manager of Bukas.

Through BukasPay, Bukas’ financing API, Edusuite will enable schools to expand their offsite and online payment solutions, including GCash and Dragonpay. With this flexibility in place, assistance is two-fold: schools can diversify their financing assistance to students, and students have access to affordable tuition fee plans, so they can focus on things that matter – their education.

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