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Halloween updates from Edusuite!

Happy Halloween everyone! While many trick or treating plans are cancelled this year, Edusuite has some treats for you. Here are some improvements for October 2020.


What’s New:

  • Integration with DragonPay and Credit and Debit Card options has been made available to all our College and University clients. Students can pay over-the-counter, through bills payment or through Gcash. Your school needs to open an account with Dragonpay and our current bank partner Unionbank to enable this option. Contact us for further details.

  • New payment mode ‘Online Transfer’. This additional payment option allows students and guardians to pay their tuition and other related fees through an online transfer. Both convenient and efficient for students and school administrators.

  • New payment mode- ‘Scholarship’. Students with zero (0) Assessment during the enlistment process will automatically be marked as officially enrolled. This option must be enabled by your school!

User Experience Enhancements for College:

  • Pop-up Reminder to users using other browsers that Edusuite works best with Google Chrome.

  • Report Enhancements. Additional fields in the Summary Balance report. Other reports have been optimized so that it takes half the time to download them.

  • In the Student Portal, you can choose between different online payment gateways

  • Student Portal now displays failed transactions

  • Student Portal Enlistment displays the School Year and Term in the enlistment screen

  • Currency formatting is now applied when downloading finance reports


What’s New:

  • Administrators can now tag students if they are taking advanced or elective classes. Students tagged as taking advanced or elective classes will be separated from the regular students and graded in different scoresheets.

  • Schools may now choose which sections should have a non-academic scoresheet.

  • Email subjects may now be edited in the notification templates. This allows the school admin/user to further customize the notifications that their intended recipients will receive.

User Experience Enhancements for K12:

  • In the Schedule Summary screen, the school year and term is now displayed

  • Faculty dropdown is now alphabetically sorted by surname

  • Room Types are now alphabetically sorted by room type code

  • Subject Groups are rename to Subject Areas

  • Section and class details are updated in the Schedule view

  • Scheduling remarks are updated when editing subjects in the Curriculum editor

  • Notification confirmation is updated when adviser is assigned to multiple sections

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