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K12 and UNI Mobile App, Now Available for Student, Guardian, and Faculty Users

The K12 and UNI mobile apps are now available on the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users (the iOS version for UNI is coming soon!) This exciting update represents a significant leap forward for Edusuite users and stakeholders alike, providing tailored applications designed to meet the distinct needs of guardians, faculty, students, and administrators. With these mobile apps now at their fingertips, users can effortlessly access their Edusuite accounts from their smartphones or tablets, empowering them to stay connected and engaged with their educational journey no matter where they are or what time it is.

K12 Mobile App

The Guardian App offers parents and guardians unparalleled convenience by providing insight into their child's academic progress. From monitoring grades to accessing important announcements and records, parents can stay actively involved in their child's education regardless of their location. This transparency and engagement strengthen the partnership between parents and the school, ultimately contributing to student success.

On the other hand, the Faculty App streamlines grading and classroom management for educators. With features like attendance tracking, grade management, and seamless communication with guardians, faculty members can optimize their teaching workflows and devote more time to impactful instruction.

UNI Mobile App

In the hustle and bustle of academic and extracurricular activities, students can now manage their academic journey conveniently through the Student App. From selecting courses and schedules to enrolling and paying online, viewing grades, and requesting essential documents, everything can be accomplished from one convenient platform.

Similarly, faculty members can facilitate effective teaching and administrative tasks on the go. Whether updating grades, managing class offerings, or adjusting their teaching load, schedule, and course proficiency, faculty members can leverage the mobile app to ensure seamless operations.

Now Available in the Play Store for Android Users, and soon in the App Store for Apple Users!

K12 and UNI mobile apps are now available on the Google Play Store so users can now download the apps on their mobile devices and tablets – the iOS version for the UNI mobile app is coming soon! With seamless accessibility and user-friendly interfaces, Edusuite is reshaping the educational experience for students, guardians, and faculty members alike. The release of these mobile apps empowers the entire educational community to enjoy enhanced convenience, efficiency, and connectivity, revolutionizing the way we engage with education in today's digital age.

Check out our Mobile App page to get started with the K12 and UNI app.

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