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Lovely new updates from Edusuite this Valentines Day!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Edusuite is sending you, our users, some digital love this valentine’s day with our January 2021 roundup of system improvements:

Student Number Generator

Every school has its own preference on what student ID numbers should be like. With this new feature, we made it easy and customizable for schools to generate a unique ID number for their students.

Schools can now set predefined ID number sequences to be assigned to students with just a click of a button. Student number can be a simple incremental number or a combination of letters and numbers.

Schedule Cycles

A new workflow has been made available to the Edusuite Scheduler. This new workflow allows schools to setup two different schedules within a semester or term. When creating a new schedule plan, simply ‘tick’ or enable “Two-Set Calendar Mode”.


The colleges workflow simply allows users to group programs together. For example, BSIT, BSCS and BSCoE can all be grouped under College of Computer Studies. In the system, each college is assigned one dean and as many assistants to the dean as necessary. Deans and assistants to the dean will have limited or filtered access to the scheduling module. They will only be able to make changes to courses that are under their specific programs and colleges.

Custom Report Formats for Assessment Forms and Transcript of Records

With the implementation of Carbone, you can now design your school’s Assessment Forms, Registration Forms and Transcript of Records in a document editing program such as Microsoft Word, and use this custom format specific to your school in Edusuite.

Payment Channels Manager

The Payment Channels Manager allows schools to setup links to redirect students to either pay to 1) external websites / their existing payment channels or 2) add a new, direct integration with Dragonpay.

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