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Edusuite and Enderun College Join Forces in New Partnership

edusuite with enderun

Edusuite, a leading provider of school management solutions for both Basic and Higher Education institutions in the Philippines, has achieved a significant milestone through a strategic partnership with Enderun Colleges. With a shared goal of revolutionizing the educational landscape, this collaboration represents a bold step forward in supporting Enderun Colleges to provide an enhanced and efficient learning experience for administrators and students.

Edusuite is implementing Uni and Admissions to enhance Enderun Colleges' administrative efficiency. Edusuite Uni streamlines critical workflows – encompassing term planning, enrollment, student information management, finance, and grading. Admissions facilitates the management of student applications, offering customization, improved communication, and an exceptional experience throughout the admissions journey.

As Edusuite seamlessly integrates into Enderun College's daily operations, we envision a new era for both organizations driven by technology and informed decision-making. This integration promises valuable insights into student performance and engagement, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for all involved.

Edusuite –– Your Partner in Education

Best in class solution for every school. Edusuite provides comprehensive solutions designed to address the diverse needs of educational institutions. 

Crafted and curated to empower schools of every size and complexity, Edusuite modernizes administrative processes while fostering a collaborative environment for students, parents, teachers and school administrators.

Ready to take your school management activities to the next level? Book a demo today to see how we can modernize your administrative operations.

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