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Edusuite Updates: A New and Improved Ticket Request System!

Gone are the days when requests go through a series of paper trails, face-to-face interaction, and approval from different levels. And in the spirit of effectively dealing with high volumes of requests from students, faculty, and all that is involved in the school, a ticketing system is one of the most important features in our system.

With our Ticket Requests, you can file issues and requests and assign students/faculty involved and assessors for the issue. Recently, we've added improvements and enhancements to this module for a much more efficient experience.

In this article, we'll show you our new and improved Ticket Request system. And just like the other features available in our systems, it gets the job done and still adheres to the unique practices that each school carries out.

Our new Ticket Types Manager is more dynamic, to say the least. When the details of the ticket have been defined, now you can identify to whom the ticket type is for.

You can now make ticket types intended for users specific to the user group they belong to. So, for example, now you can make any change of grade tickets viewable only to Faculty users. Or in the case of Students, any tickets on Request for TOR are only viewable to those types of users.

In the same vein, the same rule applies to identifying Concern Handlers. Now, you can assign User Groups and Specific Users who will be tasked to evaluate the ticket. One example of this would be helpful is assigning a Faculty to change a particular student's grade or even keeping the College Dean in the loop for any specific requests.

And a couple more features relative to Ticket Requests are in the pipeline! Notifications to specific users for when a ticket is filed and updated are currently in the works.

Taking your school management activities to the next level is our end in mind. And we're constantly doubling down our efforts to create the best-in-class school management for schools to depend on. Book a demo today and we'll navigate you through our School Management System for K-12 schools, Colleges, Universities, Post-Graduate, Vocational Courses, and other educational levels.


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