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Managing Grades, the Edusuite Way!

There's no such thing as a quiet moment for school administrators and educators. When the dust of enrollment settles, in comes the next, big agenda: grading period. As many school representatives can attest, grading is its own brand of tedious work. Managing grades and academic score sheets doesn't need to be a labyrinth of what goes where. If done correctly, the grading period can be less of a burden and more of an experience at ease.

In this article, we'll give you a glimpse of Edusuite’s Grading module and how it does what it does best - doing more with less.

One of Edusuite's strengths is its ability to mirror your Grading Setup. In the K-12 system, first step is to setup your variables for academic grading - including grading components, grading templates, transmutation tables, rounding rules, pre-defined grades - and the system will organize it all for you.

The Manage Classes section is where faculty can update students' grades from all the classes assigned to them for the school year. Here, teachers can input the grades based on their academic assessments.

The system also saves your grades as you go along, for those times your internet is unstable.

Flexibility is still key. Teachers are able to change a student's grade or excuse them depending on the situation.

The faculty can also send the student’s assessments to the parent’s or guardian’s registered email.

The Grading System in Uni is more straightforward than in K-12. The first order of business is to indicate the value of grades the faculty will use to grade students including Numeric (1.0 to 5.0), Letter Grades (A to F) or any other grading your school may have.

When the grading period opens, the faculty will receive a notification stating that encoding of grades for a specific grading period (Prelims, Midterms, Semi-Finals, Finals, etc) is open. From there, the faculty opens the class list that they would like to update.

Clicking the pencil button in the upper right corner of the page will change the page from viewing mode to editing mode.

Select a student to input the grades to, choose their corresponding grade or value from the dropdown lists provided, and click Save Changes button to finalize the changes. It’s that easy.

Like the Faculty, Students will also receive a notification once their grades are available for viewing. And when they do, all they need to do is log in on their portal to see their grades.

To do more with less - definitely achievable, but only with the help of the right tool and the right system. Managing grades and other school activities shouldn't bring a collective headache to school administrators, faculty, and even guardians and students. Make use of technology and resources available so we can do the work that really matters - educating our students.

Edusuite can make this happen for your school. See it for yourself! Book a demo today and we'll navigate you through our School Management System for K-12 schools, Colleges, Universities, Post-Graduate, Vocational Courses, and other educational levels.

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