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How Edusuite Can Help Manage Enrollment for SY 2022-2023

Schools, both from the Basic Education and Higher Education sectors, are gearing up for the incoming SY 2022-2023 enrollment. The Department of Education's Undersecretary Diosdado San Antonio recently announced that classes would start on August 22, 2022, and end on July 7, 2023 – a total of 205 school days for grade school and high school students. On the other hand, colleges and universities have been given the green light to resume in-person classes by the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) – only for those in Alert Level 1 areas.

There are still a lot of moving cogs being figured out in the background for the incoming school year, but one thing is for sure: school workflow automation is here to stay. When schools automate key processes, they reduce waste, save time, attract top staff, and are more organized. This article will show you how a critical school workflow typically rooted in manual processes can go to a well-oiled automated system. Enrollment and Registration – the Edusuite way!

Streamline Your Enrollment Process

We get it – shifting to a completely digital practice is daunting. That's why our technology is designed to introduce automation but still tackles traditional practices and that not all workflows are one-size-fits-all. Our Enrollment feature allows schools to identify the enrollment set up for the entire school. But it can also provide liberty to students on how to create their academic schedule according to how they see fit.

Your Students' Success is the End On Mind

Another unique feature in our technology heavily benefits your students' future. It's no secret that all students want to graduate as soon as possible. Edusuite has an auto-advising feature that will assist irregular students on what subjects to take by matching their curriculum, the available classes for the next term, and the number of maximum units allowed per student. This way, students have visibility of their remaining academic years and can foresee the course of action they need to take relative to their end game: to graduate early.

Easy Offsite Payment Solutions

One of the noteworthy ways in which automation is upscaling the operations of schools is by facilitating the significant process of fee collection. Therefore, it's paramount that your school has a system where parents and students can pay their tuition and other fees offsite and online. Edusuite has partnered with Dragonpay in order to give students various ways to pay their tuition. For example, students and parents can pay through Gcash, through online banking such as BPI, or over-the-counter in banks and payment centers such as 7-11. By bringing payment online, time and effort are saved for both parties.

Managing Data in a Highly Digital School Environment

In pushing a highly digital school environment, using spreadsheets and manually recording student information should be done only for backup purposes. An automated student information system, especially during crunch time such as Enrollment seasons, aligns information metrics and facilitates faster data retrieval. An automated student information system benefits school administrators, parents, and students. It also allows you to disseminate relevant information regularly via student portals and generate faster turnarounds for the organization of records. Thus, students and parents can easily update and access their records online.

In the Philippines, Edusuite is the leading provider of AI-based school management solutions for K-12 schools, Colleges, and Universities. The company focuses on giving students a successful and rewarding academic life by identifying school needs and integrating systems that can effectively reduce the amount of work for both faculty and students. And we're constantly doubling down our efforts to create the best-in-class school management for schools to depend on. Book a demo today and we'll navigate you through our School Management System and how we can take your school activities to the next level!

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