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What’s New in Edusuite: Enhanced Communication in Admissions

Updated: Jun 6

edusuite college students walking to admissions

In our dedication to enhance communication and provide a seamless experience for applicants, Edusuite Admissions introduces a new notification update feature. Applicants can now receive timely updates on every stage of their registration process not just through emails, but through SMS notifications as well!

SMS Notification Feature

Edusuite ADM: SMS Notification

One of the conveniences offered by this new feature is the ability for school administrators to configure and customize SMS templates for different types of notifications. This process is similar to setting up an email template, utilizing a set of available variables customized to each notification type. This customization allows for a more personalized and informative communication with applicants.

Edusuite ADM: Notification types

Additionally, school administrators now have access to the SMS History feature, which lets them view every notification sent to each applicant. They can also monitor the cost of each SMS and check their available SMS credits. This feature provides administrators with better visibility and control over their communication efforts.

Edusuite ADM: SMS Credit History

But wait, there’s more! Administrators can now resend any failed messages, ensuring that applicants receive important updates promptly. The system also provides administrators with access to their SMS credit replenishment history, allowing them to track the date and time of each credit replenishment along with the corresponding amounts.

Data Privacy and Security Measures for Users

Edusuite Privacy Policy for New Users

Effective immediately, all new users signing up for Edusuite will be required to accept the Edusuite Privacy Policy prior to signing up. This step ensures that all users acknowledge and agree to the terms of our privacy policy, fostering a transparent and secure environment right from the get-go. 

Edusuite Privacy Policy for Existing Clients

For our existing clients before the implementation of this policy, Edusuite has instituted a one-time prompt requiring you to accept the Privacy Policy before being redirected to their dashboard. This measure ensures that all users, regardless of when they joined, are informed about and agree to Edusuite's commitment to protecting their personal data.

Enhanced User Experience

In Edusuite’s commitment to ensure that our partners are provided with the best possible experience, our Admissions team provided updates focused on improving content creation, data visibility, and user access across our platform, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined workflow.

Edusuite Admissions Reminder Setup

Administrators can now easily add images in text editors on the dashboard by attaching an image or copying and pasting the said images. This feature is accessible through text editors on various modules in the administrator’s portal like Planning, Admission Setup, Checklist, Payment Instruction, and more. This enhances communication across the platform by allowing administrators to create visually appealing and informative content.

Edusuite Admissions Exam Results

This may be the last, but it’s certainly not the least. Applicants can now access interview notes and exam schedule details in their registration data for a more comprehensive overview, and interviewers can now control the visibility of their notes by selecting whether to keep the note to themselves or allow others to view it. Additionally, the name of the uploader can now be seen for better transparency and accountability.

Edusuite admissions interview notes visibility

Stay tuned as we continue to find ways to transform the way schools manage education. We are dedicated to continuously add new features, improve functionalities, and streamline administration for our school partners.  We are Edusuite, your dedicated partner in education.  

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