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What’s New in Edusuite: New Report and Report Updates in Uni

We're thrilled to introduce several new features and enhancements to Uni that will streamline your school management processes and provide even greater flexibility and functionality. Here’s what’s new:

New Weighted Average Field in Grade Reports for Auto-computed Grades

Schools can now include students' weighted averages in important grade reports like Transcript of Records, Class List Report, Term Grade Report, and Enrollment Report. This weighted average serves as the student’s basic grade, especially with auto-computed grades. This feature is seamlessly integrated into Carbone report templates, making it easy for administrators to access. Just go to the desired Carbone report template, click "View Sample Data," and find the new weighted average under "Grades."

CHED Enrollment List Format in Enrollment Report

The Enrollment Report introduces a fresh format choice: the CHED Enrollment List Format. Administrators can access this updated layout within the Student Reports section, specifically under the Enrollment Report category. This addition enhances the versatility of reporting options available to administrators, offering greater flexibility in generating and presenting enrollment data.

Transcript of Records and Term Grades Report in Student Portal

And finally, topping off this batch of exciting new features, students can now conveniently download their Transcript of Records (TOR) and/or Term Grades Report directly from their portal. This streamlined functionality significantly improves access to essential academic documents, thereby enhancing the overall user experience of our students.

We're committed to continually improving and innovating our platform to better meet the evolving needs of educational institutions – so stay tuned, as we have more exciting releases planned in the coming months! We hope these new features enhance your experience with EduSuite and empower you to achieve even greater success in your school management endeavors.

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