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What’s New in Edusuite: New Integrations and Innovations in K12

Edusuite K12 features update

In our continuous pursuit of optimizing school management, Edusuite K12 is thrilled to announce the integration of separate reports generation curated specifically for the individual needs of Junior and Senior High School students in our platform. This innovative feature empowers schools to streamline the process of managing student records by generating specific reports catered distinctly for the junior high school (JHS) and senior high school (SHS) levels.

SF10-JHS and SF10-SHS

With Edusuite K12, schools can now download SF10-JHS and SF10-SHS reports in two ways:

  1. Bulk Generation: Schools can generate reports in bulk per section by navigating to the Student Permanent Records (SF10) in the Student Reports section and applying relevant filters like School Year, Report Type, Grade Level, and Section. A downloadable zip file containing individual XLS files for each student within the section will be readily available.

Edusuite SF10 for JHS and SHS

2. Individual Generation: For a personalized approach, schools can opt to generate reports individually per student. By accessing the student's profile through the users section and toggling grades and choosing the desired report type (SF10-JHS or SF10-SHS), schools can effortlessly download a comprehensive XLS file encapsulating the student's school records.

Edusuite K12 SF10 for Junior High

By enabling schools to effortlessly generate standardized student records, Edusuite continues to abide by our promise to both educators and administrators to make sure that they can focus on delivering quality education while we simplify our partners’ administrative processes.

SF10 report for Senior High

SF5 Reports Generation

Edusuite introduces the seamless generation of the School Form 5 (SF5) report, also known as the Report on Promotion and Learning Progress & Achievement Form. Our partners can now easily generate DepEd’s standardized students' academic performance, assessment results, and end-of-school-year achievements reports.

Edusuite K12 SF5 report template

Generating the SF5 report is pretty simple, just click on Promotion records (SF5) in the Student Reports section, apply relevant dropdown filters (School Year, Grade Level, and Section), then download the generated XLS file, which contains the detailed promotion report for the selected section, providing a comprehensive overview of student achievements and progress.

Edusuite K12 download SF5

Neo LMS / Cypher Integration

The Neo LMS/Cypher integration on Edusuite offers a seamless synchronization of students, faculty, and classes to ensure a cohesive and unified experience for every user between the two platforms.

Edusuite Neo LMS integration

The configuration of API keys for the integration is seamlessly handled by our development team, simplifying the set-up process and ensuring a smooth transition between platforms.

Edusuite K12 Neo LMS data export

Additional Features and Enhancements

  • Guardian Portal Verification: In the guardian portal, students' enrollment status can now be accurately identified as "Enrolled (Pending Verification)" until the verification process is completed, providing transparency and clarity for guardians.

  • Requirements Verification: The addition of a unit filter for "All" in the requirements verification process enhances accessibility and simplifies the verification of student requirements.

  • User Info Fields Enhancement: The casing of labels in User Info fields is now retained when displayed in the Enlistment Stepper and Student Profile for consistency and clarity of user information.

  • Custom Report Formats: Schools can now use default generic formats for generating Collections Summary Reports and Receivables Summary Reports, streamlining reports processing and promoting efficiency.

We are dedicated to ongoing enhancements and innovation on our platform to align with the changing needs of educational institutions. Be on the lookout for upcoming exciting updates as we have a range of releases scheduled in the months ahead! Join us in our journey to be the best-in-class solution for every school. 

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