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What’s New in Edusuite: Enrollment Verification in K12

Edusuite has an exciting new feature, introducing the Enrollment Verification for Admin users! This new feature empowers administrators and faculty members to better manage enrollment, payment, and record-keeping tasks, ensuring a more efficient and organized educational environment.

Enrollment Verification Feature

Schools now have the option to require specific payment schemes to undergo an enrollment verification process. This ensures that students selecting these payment schemes comply with additional requirements before their enrollments are verified, such as submitting post-dated checks or other necessary documents.

Students enrolled under these payment schemes will be listed as "For Verification" in the Enrollment Status List. School administrators with Enrollment Verification permissions can then mark these students as "Verified as Enrolled" once all verification requirements have been met. Until verified, these students will still appear on score sheets, although faculty members will be unable to enter grades for them.

Administrators also have access to advanced filtering options within the Enrollment Status List, allowing them to easily view students based on their enrollment status. Additionally, they can download the entire list as an XLS file for further analysis.

We're not stopping here! While these new features are certainly exciting, we're already hard at work cooking up even more innovations behind the scenes. Our team is dedicated to continuously improving and expanding our platform, all in the spirit of providing schools with the best-in-class solutions they deserve.

Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of educational technology, introducing new tools and functionalities that will further enhance the learning experience for students and streamline administrative tasks for educators.

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