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AN AWESOME PLACE TO WORK. It’s not just a mission statement - it’s a goal we constantly strive for. And an awesome place to work needs equally awesome people. Join our team. 

Emi - Product Lead
Emi, Product Lead

I love working with the team. They are mature enough and responsible for continuing work from home, and they are very active in their personal development, which benefits everyone. I believe most of them promote our values.

Kenneth - Software Engineer
Kenneth, Software Engineer

 The environment that Edusuite provides is very comfortable, and my co-workers are very approachable. Everyone exerts the company values, which motivates me to work hard.

Max - Client Success Manager
Max, Client Success

Fun, transparent, and welcoming - Edusuite has the best people, and is the best place to work!

The Edusuite Advantage


Work from the comforts of your home - or from anywhere, really!

Work Arrangement

Work on your own schedule, as long as you get the job done.

Working Hours

Take the time you need to recharge, work-life balance is key.

Vacation Leaves

Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive growth programs.

Learning and Development

A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Health and

Join the fun and build stronger bonds with the rest of the team.

Employee Engagement

Your Edusuite Journey Starts Here.

Big things are in the works. We're looking for really awesome people who can make things happen.  

Our Recruitment Process

Talent is not discovered overnight. Our recruitment process is long, challenging, and tedious even for some. Only a few pass the exam and even fewer get hired. But that’s because we want the best people working with the best team. And in joining our team, you get to work with other talented colleagues that you will constantly be learning from.

To understand our recruitment process, hear it first from some of our team members and learn what makes Edusuite an Awesome Place to Work!

Internships at Edusuite.

We will help you become the best version of yourself.

Join our internship program and unlock your full potential.

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