Edusuite K-12

Edusuite K12 is designed to make the management of your Pre-school, Grade school, Junior High and Senior high school much easier. It’s a one-stop shop for managing grading, deliberations, and enrollment.


Grading and Transmutation

Easy-to-use grading and transmutation table where faculty can encode grades and other student remarks.

Grading and Transmutation

Make it your own.

The entire system is customizable to your preferences — from what student information is collected, user group access, and even how the report card, statement of accounts, and enrollment forms are formatted. 

Want a feature that is not in the system? We can also develop it for you.

There’s more to explore! For a full glimpse of all available features, see below.

Custom School Branding and Landing Page

  • Announcements and Links
  • Custom Report Card Format
  • Custom Assessment Format
  • Custom Statement of Accounts Format

Administrator Dashboard

  • Analytics Dashboard
    • Enrollment monitoring per grade level and strand
    • Summary of Finance Collectibles
    • Collections per Payment Type
  • School Announcements
  • Notification Manager and Dashboard
  • Quick Links Manager

School Year Planning Module

  • Facilities and Rooms Management with slots per room
  • Curriculum Management for Pre-school up to Senior High School
  • Tracks and Strand Management for Senior High School
  • Class List Monitoring and Management
  • Class Scheduling

Finance Module

  • Payments and Refunds Recording
  • Online Payments Dashboard for Monitoring
  • Tuition plan rules-based system with dynamic assessments
  • Custom Payment Scheme Settings
  • Discounts, Scholarships, Vouchers and School Supplies Management
  • Other non-tuition related fees
  • OR Printing
  • Payment Ledgers
  • Statement of Account generation and Notifications
  • Bank Reconciliation

Academic and Non-Academic Grading Module

  • Custom Grading Components setup
  • Flexible Grading Template and Transmutation Table settings
  • Spreadsheet-like grading sheets
  • Sending of Assessment tool grades to guardians
  • Extra-curricular Grades Recording
  • Attendance Recording

Data Privacy and Security

  • User privacy agreement and terms of use
  • Custom access and rights per user group
  • Student information has custom access
  • Authentication for all back-end connections
  • Code and data encryption
  • Re-captcha integration
  • Encrypted communication to the server using SSL
  • Non-erasable audit trails

Student Information System

  • Dynamic information fields for students
  • Custom access of fields per user group
  • Clearance System
  • Deliberations and Promotions Tracking


  • Finance Reports
    • Summary of Collectibles
    • Daily Sales Report
    • Statement of Accounts
  • Student Reports
    • Custom list generator with filters and fields
    • Term/Quarter Grades
    • Master Grading Sheet
    • Report Card Generator
  • Faculty Reports
    • Faculty loading report


  • Hold Order Manager

User Management and Portals

  • Super admin user rights management
  • Administrator portal for each role type

Guardian Portal

  • Online Enrollment with Online Payments via Payment Gateway Integrations
  • View Grades of student/s
  • View Balances and Payment History
  • View School Announcements

Faculty Portal

  • Real time class list updates
  • Auto-saving grading sheets


  • Dragonpay integration for OCT and E-Wallet payments
  • Credit Card Integrations
  • Custom Integration with Canvas LMS

Other features

  • Automated Daily Back-ups
  • Import Data Wizard for new schools
  • Free Help Desk Access for End Users

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