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Edusuite K-12

Edusuite K12 is designed to make the management of your Pre-school, Grade school, Junior High and Senior high school much easier. It’s a one-stop shop for managing grading, deliberations, and enrollment.


Grading and Transmutation

Easy-to-use grading and transmutation table where faculty can encode grades and other student remarks.

Grading and Transmutation

Make it your own.

The entire system is customizable to your preferences — from what student information is collected, user group access, and even how the report card, statement of accounts, and enrollment forms are formatted. 

Want a feature that is not in the system? We can also develop it for you.

For a list of available features, click the items below.

  • What is Edusuite?
    Edusuite is a AI-driven school management system that is built for private schools and universities for K12 and College. Edusuite effectively transforms academic delivery, increases operational efficiency and focuses on student success. Our system helps schools cut down on operational expenses by analyzing data and predicting plans for different functions; Automated Scheduling, Forecast of Class Demand, Smart Student Advising, Online Enrollment, Finance and Assessments, and Student Information System.
  • How much is your School Management System?
    Our pricing matrix is based on a subscription rate per active student. We charge a one-time implementation fee that includes training, support and standard data import. Book a demo with us now to discuss the best pricing for your school!
Ready to take your school operations to the next level?
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