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Edusuite Welcomes Ingenium School as New School Partner with the Support of Optimus PH

Edusuite is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Ingenium School, made possible through the support of Optimus PH, one of Edusuite's esteemed reseller partners. Ingenium School, renowned for its dedication to innovation and academic excellence, now joins Edusuite's network of prestigious school partners committed to enhancing education through technology. Through this collaboration, Ingenium School aims to streamline administrative processes, enhance academic planning, and provide comprehensive support to students and educators alike.

Having weathered the all-too-common challenges that most educational institutions encountered during the pandemic, Ingenium School has been diligently scouring the market for a solution capable of institutionalizing critical school management and administrative activities. These activities range from enrollment processes to communication protocols and grading procedures—a task that Edusuite is adept at and can execute proficiently.

Optimus PH has played a pivotal role in facilitating this partnership, utilizing their expertise in information and communication technology (ICT) and industry knowledge to connect Edusuite with schools eager to transform education through technology. Their unwavering commitment to customer success and dedication to excellence make them invaluable partners in driving educational innovation.

On partnering with Edusuite, Optimus PH says, “Our partnership with Edusuite very much aligns with our vision of providing world-class quality products and technology solutions to our client-partner schools that enhances their capability to deliver quality education. We see this partnership with Edusuite as a long term endeavor to free our schools from the burdens of time consuming and repetitive work of administering classes and complying with reportorial requirements of various entities and returning their focus on the learning journey of their students.”

Edusuite's comprehensive suite of tools and resources will seamlessly integrate into Ingenium School's existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum efficiency. This partnership represents a significant advancement in Ingenium School's pursuit of educational innovation and excellence.

This collaboration among Ingenium School, Optimus PH, and Edusuite empowers students, guardians, faculty, school administrators, and other stakeholders within the Ingenium School community with tailored solutions that address the unique needs of their institution. It enables them to achieve their objectives and deliver an exceptional learning experience.

About Ingenium School

Ingenium School is a Pre-school to High School educational institution situated in Marikina City. Ingenium School is dedicated solely to the quality basic education of the young. From its buildings and facilities to its curriculum, policies, and programs, the focus is the student. It’s a personal mission of the founders who are hands-on to guide the school to its vision and mission:  nation-building for a better Philippines.

About Optimus PH

Founded in 2013, Optimus is an ICT solutions company made up of creative and highly-passionate individuals that bridge the gap between business, technology, and education. Born from its founders’ combined expertise in ICT, Business and the Department of Education, spanning over 5 decades, Optimus offers creative business and educational ICT solutions packages formulated from over 5 years of both local and international benchmarking and research by the management team.


Edusuite –– Your Partner in Education

Best in class solution for every school. Edusuite provides comprehensive solutions designed to address the diverse needs of educational institutions. 

Crafted and curated to empower schools of every size and complexity, Edusuite modernizes administrative processes while fostering a collaborative environment for students, parents, teachers and school administrators.

Ready to take your school management activities to the next level? Book a demo today to see how we can modernize your administrative operations.

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