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Edusuite September Systems Update

As part of our commitment to our valued customer with continuous upgrade and improvements of our system, we want to keep you informed of the latest features we release in the month of September.

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Our team is always working hard to bring clients new features they requested. Here are some improvements we’ve made to Edusuite for September 2020.

User Group Privilege Manager

Previously, privileges were assigned by going through a long list of features. This can be confusing to administrators who are unfamiliar with the system since they have to know the name of the privilege. We‘ve made a major rehaul of the Privilege Manager by simplifying assignment of privileges using a simple checkbox. Click to read more.

Custom Registration Workflow

This new feature has fully customizable registration settings, pre-registration links, and improved student registration processing. The school administrator can choose whether they want to include the student registration link in their public website or to only allow students that have been admitted and pre-registered.

Sample step-by-step process for student pre-registration

  1. Student Admission Processing [Being done by the school]

  2. School Admins to create and send a pre-registration link of the qualified students.

  3. A student may edit their personal information.

  4. Students to make reservation payment

(Pre-registration link) Schools can have more control over students that they will accept in their schools. Click to read more.

Display Term Average in Student Profiles

This convenience feature allows students and school administrators to instantly check the term average of a specific student displayed in the TOR view from the student profile. Click to read more.

Assessment forms now attached in the Officially Enrolled Email Notification

Upon successful enrolment, the system will send an email notification to the student. With the new update we already include the student assessment in the email notification should they need to revisit how much is due for that specific academic year. Click to read more.

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Notification Dashboard

This new feature is where the school admin checks all the email notifications that were sent from Edusuite. This also serves as the monitoring of all the email that was distributed to the users. Click to read more.

Student List and SIS Generator

This feature allows schools to easily generate a list of students based on the courses they are currently taking, the programs they are in, and their student status. Most teachers and school admin will benefit from this feature as it will cut down the time they spent to make a report. Click to read more.

Custom Report Card Template Editor

Previously, any changes in the report card has to be requested from the development team. This awesome new feature enables schools to create their own customized report card template and assign it to grade levels. We will expand this technology to other reports generated by the system. Click to read more.

Sending of SOA to Guardian Email

The finance team may now directly send the SOA generated to the parents or guardians of the students. Click to read more.

Dragonpay Integration

No need to fall in line to pay tuition, Our integration with Dragonpay allows the students and guardians to pay their tuition at a store near them. Their wide range of payment options include Bank payments, 7-11 payments, Over the counter payments, Gcash and more.

Like this update? Tell us how to improve it.

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